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A definitive guide how to make a spa center at your home (PART 2)

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A personal spa center today can be made with reasonable money and in a surprisingly small space. The most important thing is to determine the health condition of your family and you, and based on that, in consultation with a doctor, come to the optimal therapeutic method for which you will buy the appropriate devices and appliances for.

Once you have solved all the technical details and equipped the space in the house that will be your personal spa with all devices and equipment, you need to create the right atmosphere and feel that will provide maximum quality and 5 stars comfort. This is achieved by choosing the appropriate music, fragrance, lighting, quality air, but also quality beauty products.

Achieving the right atmosphere is very important because it stimulates our senses, increases concentration, relaxes muscles and as a whole allows better efficiency of technical devices. Our moods, behaviors and physical and mental health are all influenced greatly by the home environment in which we live, so let us then make them such as to stimulate happiness.

How to make your home spa the perfect place for wellness in 8 steps?

1. How to clear the air?

The air inside your home is actually more polluted and toxic than the air outdoors. So, for starters, open a window — let some fresh air in occasionally to release some of those toxins that have built up in and around your home. Poor air quality can threaten your family’s health, so it’s important to keep things out of your home that cause pollution, and ensure that your house is well-ventilated.

However, sometimes this is not enough (especially in densely populated urban areas), and sometimes it is not possible because the space we have equipped for this purpose does not have a window (say it is located in the basement). Consider then adding an air purifier to clear out some of each room’s natural toxins.

2. Go green!

A room with increased humidity and heat can be an ideal habitat for some interesting plant species that you would not otherwise be able to grow in the apartment, so depending on the size of your home spa, you can get a real small botanical garden.

Apart from making your space beautiful, plants are providing a lot of other benefits. Houseplants purify the air in the room, helping you as you pause and breathe deeply during those moments of meditation. Not to mention, studies have also shown that plants can speed recovery time for certain conditions, sharpen focus, reduce stress, and contribute to a variety of other health benefits.

3. Invest in crystals!

Although the claim that crystals have healing powers is, to say the least, unconfirmed, they contribute to the aesthetics of space in a special and unique way, and most importantly, contribute to creating a special relaxing and meditative atmosphere.

4. Invest in cosmetic products!

The basis of the aesthetics of the space are craft works on the interior, which is complemented by quality devices and appliances, but the final touch that provides a sense of true luxury and spa resort is achieved by details.

This may sound banal or unnecessary to some of you, but at this point we want to emphasize the importance of investing in quality cosmetics. There are, literally, thousands of products that can fall into this category, but we will group them into several subcategories to make it easier. From each of them, you should choose a product that suits you best.

Essential oils

Although natural oils are in many cases significantly more expensive than their synthetic equivalents, to allergic or otherwise sensitive people, synthetic oils are often less desirable.


The scent provides the vibe, and you should find natural and portable aromatherapy balms and candles to turn your home into a wellness sanctuary. You can mix fragrance capsules and create your own ambience at home spa, and it’s the diffuser that allows you to customize scents according to your taste, mood and lifestyle.

Books on wellbeing

While sitting in a salt room or resting between two treatments, don’t let your daily worries occupy your mind. For complete pleasure, it is necessary for the mind to be as relaxed and focused as the muscles, and for that it is best to have the right literature.

Cleaning products

Creating a healthy home environment involves much more than giving your home a good cleaning, it also means a commitment to a whole new (and improved) way of living. As well as body care products, cleansing products have recently been made on a natural basis too. Remember, no matter how expensive they are, the total amount of money you will spend on them is only a small fraction of what you spent on construction and equipment, and the effect is immeasurable. Therefore, do not be stingy!

Think about all of the above!

Line of high quality, natural, plant based home and body care products that will not only leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed after every use (sans an expensive spa day), but will have your home looking (and smelling) amazing.

5. How to design lighting in a home spa?

Think like this! The light in your home spa serves a dual purpose. One is to provide a sufficient amount of light for the normal daily functioning of the room and the other is to make the atmosphere in the room magical with light effects, emphasizing shapes and special colors. So, installing two lighting circuits is a great solution, one circuit provides the area’s main lighting and the other offers a relaxing glow.

Main lighting

The main lighting on the first circuit is usually provided by downlights (which are bright but can be dimmed) or wall lights.

Low-level lighting

On the second circuit make a softer candlelit effect (without the waxy drippings). LEDs and cove lighting are the most commonly used, but you can also find unusual downlights or candles.

Colour changing lights

Another option for creating a soothing atmosphere. While the main circuit lighting is concerned with business, colour changing lights are all about pleasure. The idea is that when you change the mood you can change the look of the room with a simple push of a button.

Waterproof lights

Water and electricity do not go together, but if you hire the right contractor, the effects that this kind of lighting can produce are unsurpassed.

6. Find good company!

As well as for a party, or a picnic in nature, after all for everything in life… good company is needed (and some will say enough) for perfect pleasure.

7. What gadgets do you need to buy for a home spa center?

Just as when you buy a car, you first look at spaciousness, performance and so on, but only by purchasing the right gadgets will you make it an ideal transport, so to complete your home spa project and make it perfect, you need the right gadgets too. Which one? It is up to you! The market is full of various ones, but we will mention only a few which seemed interesting to us.

  • spa sound machine
  • foot massager
  • mini body massager


A definitive guide how to make a spa center at your home (PARTS 1 & 3)

I wanted to make this definitive guide easier to read, so I created it in 3 parts. Here are the links to Part 1 and Par3  of the guide. If you missed the first part, I warmly suggest going back and reading it. 

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