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A definitive guide how to make a spa center at your home

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To begin with, a space should be designated for that purpose. It can be a separate room, part of the basement, or a larger bathroom that will be equipped for this purpose, depending on whether you are building a new house or renovating an existing one. More space gives more possibilities, but a home spa can be made in a surprisingly small space if the person is imaginative.

Then, a budget needs to be determined. Of course, the sky is the limit, but an ordinary person, especially if he manages to make a few savings on the other side during construction, can afford himself the pleasure of the best hotels in his own home.

In the end, it is necessary to make a preliminary design. Although it is best to leave it to an expert, you can give reins to your imagination, but you still need the help and advice of craftsmen because some devices require specific installation, about which we will write later in the text.

What ten things do you need to know if you want a home spa?

1. How much does a home spa cost?

At least $ 25,000 is required to install a multifunctional shower, sauna, hydromassage, and a small relaxation area with accompanying equipment. If it is expensive for you, you can choose only some of these devices that suit you best:

  • multifunctional shower – starting from 4500 $
  • traditional sauna – starting from 4000 $
  • IR sauna – starting from 3000 $
  • hydromassage tub – starting from 4000 $
  • mini pool – starting from 12000 $

2. How much space is needed?

  • multifunctional shower – 100*100 cm
  • traditional sauna – 150*150 cm
  • IR sauna – 120*100 cm
  • hydromassage tub – 150*150 cm
  • mini pool – 220*220 cm

3. Does the installation require major interventions?

Generally no demanding masonry work is required. These devices are mostly made of methyl acrylic, already assembled and ready for connection to plumbing, sewerage and electrical installation, according to the manufacturer’s instructions and in accordance with safety standards. However, larger hydromassage tubs and mini pools require a flat and firmer floor base with a load capacity of 500 to 800 kg per square meter.  

4. Can these devices be installed in the apartment?

In principle, yes! However, the load-bearing capacity of the floor should be checked.

5. Which is the average electricity consumption?

  • multifunctional shower – 2 KW
  • traditional sauna – 3 – 6 KW
  • IR sauna – 1,5 KW
  • hydromassage tub – 1,5 KW
  • mini pool – 3,5 KW


6. Is an electric current of standard voltage and power sufficient?

  • multifunctional shower – yes, with the installation of a safety switch that interrupts the power supply in the case of a fault, short circuit or overload.
  • traditional sauna – exceeds the standard.
  • IR sauna – yes.
  • hydromassage tub – yes, with the installation of a safety switch that interrupts the power supply in the case of a fault, short circuit or overload.
  • mini pool – exceeds the standard, but there are models that have limited power supply.

7. What is the water consumption?

  • multifunctional shower – 40-100 l per 5 min
  • hydromassage tub – 180-270 l
  • mini pool – 800-1000 l

8. How is hygiene maintained?

Surfaces are cleaned with neutral detergents and dried with a soft cloth. Abrasives should be avoided!

9. Is the hydromassage noisy?

Manufacturers protect the pipe system and provide sound-absorbing panels that reduce noise by up to 70%.

10. Are there any special security measures?

Since these are devices that use both water and electricity, safety must be taken into account. It is necessary to be installed by qualified personnel and to issue a certificate after installation. 

What gadgets and appliances for home spa are there on the market?

Traditional Finnish sauna

Create your wellness corner within your living room, bathroom or wellness zone in just a few square meters. It is made to measure your space from the highest quality materials with options to your liking. They achieve an optimum temperature of 90° C and a relative humidity of 10 – 15%. Accessories such as aromatherapy with the addition of essences in the bio sauna or gentle lighting that emphasizes the lines of the sauna, audio system with light music that you have chosen will make all your senses enjoy. In accordance with the new concept of home wellness, a Finnish sauna and a steam bath can be combined in an area of only 5 m2.

Sauna kit

These are prefabricated home saunas that are made in standard dimensions, but also tailored to your space. Their basic feature is simple and fast installation without any rough work. The sauna is prefabricated – disassembled and comes from segments that are assembled on site in just one hour. The exterior of the sauna is in wood veneer (wenge, walnut, oak) or stone veneer.

IR sauna

Infrared saunas are equipped with infrared heaters that produce rays like the Sun, only without negative ultraviolet rays. Unlike a traditional Finnish sauna, which indirectly heats the body through air or steam, an infrared sauna with its warm rays passes directly through the skin, producing many of the health benefits of a traditional Finnish sauna. A very popular type of heater is in the form of carbon plates, only a few mm thick, that can be hidden and thus leave the aesthetics and exceptional wooden interior of the sauna intact.

Steam bath

In addition to a place to relax, the steam baths will also serve as a shower cabin for everyday use, so you get a practical product, exclusive design and purpose for moments of relaxation. The steam generator with a direct steam outlet achieves the ideal parameters for a steam bath in a few minutes: a temperature of about 45° C with a humidity of about 98%. In addition to sophisticated design, it also offers various options such as aromatherapy, starry sky, audio system and halotherapy.

Salt room 

If you have problems with the respiratory system, asthma, allergies or skin diseases, and even if you are completely healthy, all the benefits of salt rooms can be found in your home. Heating cables are integrated in the benches, floor and walls of the salt room, which provides an optimal temperature of about 30° C and humidity of about 40%, which is a microclimate in which the mineral salt is ionized naturally.

Hydromassage tubs and pools

Hot tubs and pools use a symbiosis of hot water, different types of nozzles and powerful massage motors to maximize the effect of hydro massage and relax the body from the feet to the neck muscles. Also, with each tub or pool, there are a large number of options that can be installed at the request of the client.

Tepidariums and warm benches

In ancient times, tepidariums were made of marble and heated by fire, and they served to relax Roman gentlemen with their mild warmth. Nowadays, tepidariums are an indispensable part of every serious wellness and spa center, but they also find their place in small private wellness centers.The main function of the tepidarium is to relax the whole body and muscles, especially before and after using the massage pools, the Finnish sauna and the steam bath. Tepidariums are made of extruded polystyrene with an integrated heating network and a thermostat that achieves an optimal relaxation temperature of 37-40° C. Their finishing is usually in glass mosaic at the client’s request.

A definitive guide how to make a spa center at your home (PARTS 2 & 3)

I wanted to make this definitive guide easier to read, so I created it in 3 parts. Here are the links to Part 2 and Par3  of the guide. You will love your home spa!

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