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How to highlight the front door? Make a statement front door for the great first impression

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Finishing | 0 comments

The reason for making your front door a statement lies in the fact that there is no architectural feature or design element on the house that can better and more efficiently make the whole street appearance of the house welcoming. The first impression is the most important! Ever wandered down a street picking out which of the houses you wish you owned? Remember what caught your eye first?

oversized door

1. Oversize front door

Size matters – By placing a door disproportionately larger than it would be expected, not only do we make the entrance more eye-catching, but we also change the whole geometry of the house. Dramatizing the relationship between the sizes and proportions of architectural elements gives the impression of the importance of the one that is enlarged, and that is exactly what we want.

2. Paint the door with pastel colors

The cheapest and simplest way, which you can certainly do yourself, to highlight the front door is to paint it. Entrance doors are most often produced in neutral colors (white, black, and countless shades of brown and gray) or with a wood texture. This choice is complementary to most facades of today’s houses.

But it only takes a little courage and audacity to choose a contrasting color instead of a complementary one and the effect can be fantastic. Of course, care should always be taken not to overdo it and therefore pastel palettes should be used.

pastel color door

3. Grow plants

You don’t always have to think like a builder, think like a gardener. The effect of framing or color contrast can be achieved with the help of an attractive creeper or a few pots. If you decide to go with a flowering plant, consider the flowers – colors, quantity, and size, and blend it with the door and the rest of the house.

4. Frame by the eaves

What a frame is for a picture or eyebrows for the eyes, that are eaves for the front door. By framing, we give them importance, we make the cheapest and simplest door more elegant.

A similar effect can be achieved with an awning.

Frame by the eaves

5. Elevate the door with fittings

The door fittings make the front door stand out completely. The effect is similar to expensive jewelry making the simplest evening gown royal.


6. Enrich with material

Sometimes the nobility of the material itself, which the front door is made of, is enough to make them shine on the front facade. Of course, it is not a simple DIY project to make your own front door from different materials. But when you are about to make a purchase, look for a door with extraordinary material.


7. Build it as a feature

Perhaps the most effective way to make the entrance striking is to build it as a separate element of the architectural composition of the house, such as bay windows or apses on churches. This is equally feasible in modern and traditional exterior styles.

light up front door

8. Light up

Nothing attracts as much attention as an effectively lit entrance at night. But even during the day, when they are not lit, the lamps can dominate because of their shape, size or color and thus beautify the entire entrance.

9. Lift up with stairs

Massive and attractive stairs make the front door look like it has been placed on a pedestal. If the house has elevated foundations, attention must be paid to this.


10. Shape differently

Contrast can be achieved in a different form. The rounded door always stands out on a rectangular wall. Be creative or search Pinterest, there are countless ideas.


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